As an entering student, how do I apply for an academic scholarship at Syracuse University?

Syracuse University offers merit scholarships to entering freshmen and transfer students based on the student’s admission application.

I received a scholarship from my high school for my freshman year. Will my financial aid be adjusted?

Generally outside scholarships will be used to meet the student’s remaining need. If a student does not have remaining need, it may be necessary to adjust the self-help (e.g. student loans and Federal Work-Study) portion of the financial aid award. It is best to contact your Financial Aid Counselor or the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs with specific questions.

When is the best time to start looking for scholarships?

The sooner the better. Searching for scholarships does take time, so it’s a good idea to start early and search often. Eligibility requirements vary as do the deadline dates so don’t limit yourself or be discouraged if the results are not exactly as you expect right away.

What about the scholarship search services that I keep reading about?

Beware of any scholarship search service that guarantees results, especially for a fee. Use caution with unsolicited offers of assistance and read all the fine print carefully.

If I am an eligible employee, is my dependent guaranteed tuition exchange scholarship?

No. Your benefit allows your dependent the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. The number of scholarships offered and the criteria used for the selection of recipients are solely up to each member institution.

What does the tuition exchange scholarship cover?

The actual dollar value is determined by the tuition charged by the host college. Most scholarships cover full tuition. However, any school that charges more than the minimum set by The Tuition Exchange may opt to award the minimum amount. Student fees, course fees, course overloads, and room and board are not covered. Check with the host college you are applying to for information on what it will cover.