Financial Literacy Workshops

Workshops are offered for groups of students, by request, on the topics below. Workshops must be requested at least two weeks prior to the desired date, and are approximately one-hour in length. The requesting faculty/staff member, or student/student organization is responsible for securing the meeting space and the promotion of the event. Basic computer access and projection capabilities on-site are appreciated. To schedule a workshop, complete the workshop request form.

  1. Spending Strategies – Budgeting, goal-setting, and even buying cars are topics in this workshop which will help you make a plan and stick to it.
  2. Earning Essentials – Your income is your greatest wealth building tool. This lessons covers negotiating salary, understanding paychecks, benefits, and taxes. Cost-of-living comparisons and finding work that matters to you will also be discussed
  3. Borrowing Basics – This workshop introduces credit and debt management. Learn how to understand your credit report, improve your score, and debunk credit myths.
  4. Protecting Against Risk – This important workshop covers the topics of different types of insurance, when to buy them, and what coverage they provide. Identity theft is also a key focus of this lesson, with strategies for protecting your most valuable asset.
  5. Saving & Investing – From emergency funds to real-estate to stocks, bond, and mutual funds, this lesson covers different savings vehicles.
  6. Know What You Owe – An overview on the different types of student loans available for financing education, as well as a discussion on repayment strategies.
  7. Dollars and Sense – A workshop for graduating seniors which provides a checklist for all skills needed in developing a financial transition plan.

If a student wishes to schedule a one-on-one appointment on any of these topics, email us.