Request a Presentation

Do you know a group of students who could benefit from a finance workshop?

Workshops run about one hour and are available on the topics listed below. The requesting faculty member, staff member, or student/student organization must provide the space and is also responsible for the promotion of the event. Computer access and projection capabilities are appreciated.

Requests must be requested at least two weeks prior to the desired date. To schedule a workshop, complete the presentation request form.

Workshop Topics

1. Money 101: Five Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Money

This story-based presentation covers the five principles of personal finance, and introduces students to budgeting, credit, taxes, saving, ID theft protection, and debt management. Recommended for freshmen, sophomores, and first-year forums.

2. Taking Action on Student Loans 

Get to know the types of student loans, how they work, and what repayments options are available when you graduate. Recommended for all students using aid to finance college.

3. What’s Next: The Million Dollar Grad 

This presentation introduces upperclassmen to timeless financial concepts needed for life after graduation. Topics include paychecks, post-college budgeting, debt, saving, and investing to accumulate wealth. Recommended for juniors and seniors.

4. Save More, Stress Less

This presentation gives a focused look at saving strategies as well as short, mid, and long-term goal setting. Recommended for all students.


If you would like to schedule a one-on-one coaching session on any of these topics, email the Financial Literacy office.