1040X Amended Tax Return

1099 Verificiation

F1STBA Degree Verification

FALLOW Living Housing Allowance

FASSET Asset Confirmation

FBSCRP Business Corporate Tax Forms

FEXTAX Tax Exemption Verification

FHHTAX Head of Household Tax Verification

FHHVER Household Verification Form

FIEXP Independent Income and Expense Verification

FINHOM Unaccompanied Youth Verification

FINLGD Legal Guardian Verification

FINMIN Emancipated Minor Verification

FINVDP Independent Verification

FINVER Dependent Income and Expense Verification

FINVMA Married Verification

FINVOR Orphan WOTC Verification

FINVDP Independent Verification

FINVVA Independent Veteran Verification

FLIVOT Living With Others

FNFTAX Tax Regulation Verification

FPINFO Parent Information Request

FPMVER Parent Marital Status Verification

FPJFYI Income Upstate Statement

FPMVER Parent Marital Status Verification

FPNON Parent Non-Tax Filer Statement

FPTAX Parent Tax Form Cover Sheet

FPUBLC Public Assistance Verification

FPW2 Parent W2 Cover Sheet

FREALV Real Estate Verification

FRNTAX Foreign Tax Verification

FSCVER Custodial Address Verification

FSMVER Student Marital Status Verification

FSNON Student Non-Tax Filer Statement

FSPVER Step-Parent Verification

FSSBEN Social Security Benefits Verification

FSSCRD Social Security Verification

FSTAX Student Tax Form Cover Sheet

FSW2 Student W2 Cover Sheet

FVALID Institutional Validation

FVALIN Institutional Validation Independents

FVERCS Child Support Verification Form

FVERS Food Stamp Verification

FYC115 Disability Discharge Form

FYC116 Bankruptcy Discharge Form

FYCTZN Citizenship Verification

FYDFLT Default Status Verification

FYDRUG Drug Conviction

FYINS DHS Verification

FYVERI Independent Verification Worksheet

FYVERD Depedendent Verification Worksheet

FYVHSC High School Completion Status

FYVID Statement of Identity and Educational Purpose

FYVPTX Parent IRS Document Cover Sheet

FYVSTX Student IRS Document Cover Sheet

Schedule E Sample