Staff Toolkit

Request Staff Training:

To request staff training, please email the Assistant Director at

Please include the training you are interested in and 2-3 dates that you are looking at. Please also note that each training is scheduled for an hour-and-a-half time block and should be requested no less than two weeks before the intended workshop.

Training A:  Access, Understanding, and Opportunity

Receive a general overview of the student perspective of the financial aid process and managing their finances once arriving on the Syracuse University campus. Additionally, this workshop provides an in-depth look at the services provided by the Office of Financial Literacy Programs and Syracuse University Smart Money Peer Counselors. This presentation is for current staff and faculty, covering information about our student population, campus resources, and general information to help advise and guide students they interact with.

Training B:  Money Matters – Intersectional Tips to Talk to Students

An interactive presentation with pre-planned discussion topics that are designed to help Syracuse University professionals gain a better understanding of the financial matters and situations that our students face. Suggestions on how to approach a student who may be struggling or in crisis because of a financial matter, how they might engage in a constructive and non-judgmental manner, and tips on referring them to our services and other resources on campus. Participants will be introduced to our referral template, website resources, and topic overviews.

Where to Refer a Student

Depending on the student’s situation, all students can and should be advised to reach out to us directly by emailing or setting an appointment via Orange Success. If a student is in need of extra support or is in crisis, you may first want to take the steps of directing the student to other on-campus support professionals such as Counseling Services through Barnes Center at the Arch or Student Outreach and Retention.

For follow-up help or discussions, you can also reach the Assistant Director, Karina Anderson McNary directly via email at


Please utilize the below template when sending an email referring a student to our services. This can be done with the intention of having us reach out to the student, or with the student copied on the correspondence, depending on the situation at hand.

Student name:______________________

SUID: ___________________

Class Year: _________________

A brief overview of their interest/situation at hand: 


To be included at your discretion*

Is there an immediate urgency to resolve this situation?

Does this student have secure housing?

Has this student expressed food insecurity?

Does this student need supplies or clothing items?

Has this student reached out to other departments, offices, or staff members? If yes, please include who and the point of contact if possible.