Peer Counseling Services

What are the benefits of Peer Counseling?

Students who participate in peer counseling report that they feel understood, and heard and are better able to grasp high-level concepts explained in the context of their daily lives.

Peer counselors can help foster a sense of belonging and minimize feelings of being an outsider, which can often lead to students neglecting to ask for help or seeking out resources when they are in crisis.

Smart Money Peer Counselors are trained in cultural, social, and economic sensitivity and are able to provide a judgment-free space to discuss money matters for all college students.

What is a typical counseling session like?

Students have the option to meet virtually, in person, or on campus where they are most comfortable and feel they can clearly articulate themselves. Appointments can range from an introduction to budgeting, discussing your first investments, helping to set savings goals, and creating a post-graduation action plan to manage your educational and consumer debts.

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