Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students

Syracuse University’s Office of Admissions offers several merit scholarship awards to international admitted students, all of which recognize academic, personal, and creative achievements. All merit awards are determined at the time of admission and take into account the information presented in a student’s application for admission – there is no application for merit scholarships. Merit scholarships are applied to the full academic year, half of the award amount is applied to each semester. They do not extend to non-standard academic terms (summer sessions, Winterlude, etc.) Students who enroll for only one semester will receive half of the annual award amount. These scholarships are renewable for the length of your published degree program.

If you have questions about these scholarships, please contact the Office of Admissions, or call 315-443-3611.

There are three merit scholarships to recognize academic achievement for top students admitted to programs across the University:

  • The Founders’ Scholarship
  • Chancellor’s Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship

A select number of specialized scholarships for superbly accomplished students are also awarded:

  • The Full Tuition 1870 Scholarship
    • The 1870 Scholarship is the highest recognition offered by the Office of Admissions. Named for the year in which the university was founded, prospective recipients are evaluated for academic and creative accomplishments, as well as personal achievement and commitment in community service and demonstrated caring for others.
    • The scholarship recognizes students of talent and promise of all identities and backgrounds who have further exemplified values like innovation, discovery and courage – the same values also demonstrated by the University’s pioneering alumni including Eileen Collins, the first female space shuttle commander and John Tsebe, the first black national librarian in South Africa.
  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Archbold-Day Scholarship
    • Inspired by the significant campus expansion realized by former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, John D. Archbold, and the fourth Chancellor of Syracuse University, James Roscoe Day, this award recognizes students who show exceptional leadership potential and the promise of changing the world for the better.
  • Achievement Scholarship
  • Individual College Leadership Scholar Awards
  • Global Scholar Award
  • Art Portfolio Award
  • Drama Performance Award
  • Music Performance Award
  • Architecture Portfolio Award

If you are conditionally admitted pending proof of financial support, the amount needed to demonstrate sufficient funds for the purposes of receiving an I-20 will be the difference between the estimated cost of attendance and the amount of your scholarship(s).

Syracuse University scholarships are tuition-specific and may be combined with other tuition-specific awards (including those outside of Syracuse University), not to exceed the amount of tuition for each year. If you are a Syracuse University Dependent Tuition Benefit (DTB) eligible student receiving less than 100 percent benefit, your SU merit-based scholarship may be combined with your Dependent Tuition Benefit, up to the cost of full tuition.  If you receive 100 percent tuition benefit from the SU DTB program, or receive a Tuition Exchange award, you will receive a merit-based scholarship in name only, as your scholarship is already included in your Tuition Exchange or Dependent Benefit funding.

Maintaining Your Merit Scholarship

Questions about your scholarship?

Please contact the Office of Admissions, or call 315-443-3611.