Graduate Student Aid

The majority of funding decisions are made at the departmental level, so contact your program to see what opportunities are available through your school or college.

Your professors are in the best position to determine if/how you will qualify for merit-based support. Also, your faculty advisor, program director, or department chair will be able to help you determine if one of these funding opportunities will apply to you.

Contact the Graduate Admissions Offices

University Fellowships

Syracuse University Graduate Fellowships consist of a stipend and a full-tuition scholarship (up to 30 credits for the academic year). Where appropriate, they are awarded for more than one academic year. Multi-year awards typically include a year of fellowship followed by a year of teaching or research assistantship, followed by a third year of fellowship support.  View information about some specific fellowships available.

Graduate Assistantships (Teaching and Research)

Each year Syracuse University offers over 1,200 graduate assistantships to full-time matriculated graduate students to serve as teaching or research assistants. A limited number of administrative assistantships are available in selected departments. Graduate students holding a full assistantship work for an average of 20 hours a week during the academic year. The department making the appointment determines the salary the assistant receives.

In searching for an assistantship, start with your academic department. This offers the best chance of finding an opportunity related to your program of study. If you are unable to locate opportunities in your home department, your faculty advisor, graduate program director, or department chair may be able to advise you of other options. When applying, you should check the admission application question on funding for “assistantships,” or you may contact your academic department for more information.


Syracuse University awards merit scholarships on the recommendation of your academic department. Scholarships provide tuition credited directly to your bursar account. These do not include a stipend. Scholarships may be awarded for some or all of your tuition in a given year. These awards carry with them the expectation that you will maintain a minimum academic standard (3.0 grade point average or higher each term) and make satisfactory progress toward your degree. Contact your department chairperson or faculty advisor for more information.

Syracuse University Travel Grant Program

Many academic departments use their own funds to help graduate students defray the costs of travel to present original work at a conference. Contact your department to determine the availability of funds for this purpose.

Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Works Competition

If you are interested in carrying out independent research or creative projects during the summer, Syracuse University’s Graduate School holds a competition each year for this purpose, administered by the University’s schools and colleges. Students interested in this competition are encouraged to contact their respective program director or department chair.

Research Excellence Doctoral Funding Program

The Research Excellence Doctoral Funding Program is focused on supporting approximately 30 doctoral fellowships per year, funded through the Invest Syracuse initiative and administered by the Graduate School. The fellowships are awarded annually on a competitive basis to new and continuing doctoral students and include a stipend and tuition credits. Typical awards provide up to two years of funding, with college-level funding for two additional years through teaching assistant (TA) or research assistant (RA) positions.

Summer Funding Competition

The Summer Funding Competition provides up to 30 dissertation fellowships to advanced doctoral students. The summer dissertation fellowship provides $4,000 each to a select group of outstanding doctoral students to facilitate progress toward the completion of their dissertation. Funding can be used to offset the cost of living expenses and/or to cover research-related expenses.

Other Sources of Support

Some academic departments and schools or colleges at Syracuse have endowed resources of their own from which they may provide financial support to graduate students. The nature of these opportunities requires that you contact your department to determine whether such support may be available to you.